Bloor West Village Family Sells to Move Closer to Family

Katherine: "I’m Katherine, this is Kevin and this is Nayda. We just sold our house in Bloor West Village for over asking and we’ve been living there for a couple of years but when she was born, we decided that we wanted to move out west, closer to family. So we chose the Julie Kinnear Team and we were really happy with how everything worked out. Within a day of our house being listed it sold for way more than we were hoping for, so we couldn’t be happier about that."

Kevin: "It’s been a real whirlwind. Pretty much right from the time we decided to sell the house. The stagers came, the backers came, it was fantastic. Everybody that was involved was so helpful and so nice and got us through a lot of stuff in a very short period of time. The house looks great and we were absolutely thrilled with the results. We were very happy and so is she!"

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