Preparing Your House For Sale – Making A Lasting First Impression

It All Starts With Creating Curb Appeal!

The first impression people have of your house is what it looks like from the outside. What are they going to say to themselves as they approach your home? Believe it or not, some buyers make a decision to keep on driving just by looking at the outside of the house.

Here are some tips to make the buyers want to come inside:

  • Tidy up the outside by removing any leaves, debris, branches, and other “yard clutter” to make a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Pick up any garden equipment, buckets, rakes, shovels, lawn mower etc. and coil hoses neatly.
  • Give the hedges a fresh trim, paying special attention to anything blocking windows or getting in the way of walking to and from the house.
  • Power wash the driveway, walkway, patio and deck.
  • Spruce up the lawn by cutting, trimming, weeding and fertilizing where necessary. A great looking lawn makes a better impression than a neglected lawn.
  • Colour it up by adding some bright annuals in places that could use some brightening, or add a nice colourful potted plant at the entry way.
  • Look at the mailbox. Does it need freshening up? Maybe consider replacing it if it needs it.Make sure the numbers on the house to make it easy to find, and consider getting new ones if it would improve the look from the street. Cut back and vegetation that may have grown over the numbers.
  • Make the windows sparkle. Clean windows and repair any caulking or paint that needs attention.

Continue to our Home Seller Guide for more tips on how to make a lasting first impression!


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