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JKT Spotlight: Mary McLorn Valle

Mary McLorn Valle, best known for her vibrant oil paintings filled with blossoms, buds, and her own modern take on a generally traditional subject, has dedicated her life to art - a pleasure in life which ought to be celebrated. Embracing the bold and brilliant colours of nature, she finds inspiration everywhere, whether it's fabric, travel, friends’ gardens, or local fruit and flower market on Bloor Street. Read the full interview here!

Prettiest Toronto Streets in Fall

It can be quite sad, saying goodbye to warm months and summer vacation, but the beautiful colours of Fall will always know how to make up for it. Take a walk with us through the most beautiful Toronto streets with all that leaves covering everything in sight and silencing your steps. Enjoy the sweater weather and don't forget to look up - see the full photo essay here!

Done Deal: Staging helps sale of older Scarborough home

In the low-rise community west of Tam O'Shanter Golf Course, this older two-storey home on a 50-by-110-foot lot stood unsold after a month on the market. The home was relisted this September with The Julie Kinnear Team at a slightly reduced price and a revamped interior appearance. Those moves translated into roughly 60 showings and an acceptable offer within one week. Read the full done deal here!

A Closer Look At Canada’s New Mortgage Rules Impact

On January 1, 2018, new mortgage rules will go into effect - with the biggest change being a "stress test." Where previously only buyers with less than a 20 percent downpayment would have to undergo the test, now everyone applying for a mortgage will undergo the same scrutiny. Read the full guide here


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