Le Gourmand: Review

Le Gourmand Selection by Matt MacGillivray
Le Gourmand 
by Matt MacGillivray

Sometimes you need a coffee, and sometimes you need a solid lunch; Le Gourmand offers you both! Located just south of Queen, on Spadina, it is a cute little café that doubles as a small, high-end grocery store.


The décor is a stunning mix of mid 20th century luxury den and quaint French bistro. The hardwood floors and electric fireplace are complemented by old photos and paintings that adorn the soft-toned walls. There are dark wooden shelves stocked with jams, oils, vinegars, syrups, chocolates, and preserves that make great hostess or housewarming gifts. The comforting feel of the place always draws a crowd, but there is plenty of seating to go around.


Coffee-wise, they have either the Black Gold or the French Roast, which are sure to please even the most critical coffee drinker. You can also get all your typical espresso-based drinks, from lattes to macchiatos. But Le Gourmand offers much more than your average coffee shop.

They have not just one but several hot chocolates to warm you up on a cold day. There is a white hot chocolate, a caramel chocolate, a couple of dark varieties, and even a Nutella version!


Le Gourmand Selection
Le Gourmand Selection

But drinks are just the beginning. Le Gourmand's signature treat is the freshly baked cookie. They are constantly pulling fresh batches of chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin out of the oven, so you are guaranteed to get one that is soft and warm. The chocolate chips will still be melted as you bite into it!

If you are on a health kick, that's okay too! There is an abundance of freshly made soups, salads, quiches, and sandwiches to choose from — and delicious bagels and baguettes to go along with them.

They also offer breakfast options, such as steel-cut oatmeal and burritos. Or, if you come before 11:00 A.M. on a weekday or between 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. on the weekend, they will happily whip you up an omelette or some eggs just how you like them.

And because Le Gourmand doubles as a grocer, they have many products to fit your every cooking need, as well as some delightful beverages and snacks that you don't see anywhere else.

Whether it's a healthy lunch you are looking for or just a quick pick-me-up, this little café is sure to hit the spot. Le Gourmand is home-cooked decadence at its finest!


Address, Phone:
152 Spadina Ave., Toronto
416 866 2127
www: www.legourmand.com

Operating Hours

Mon–Fri: 7am – 8pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: 9am – 5pm

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