Memorial Ride for Jenna Morrison – Monday Nov. 14

You may have heard about a recent tragic accident nearby that resulted in the death of a young mother named Jenna Morrison. On Monday, Jenna was riding her bike on Sterling, near Dundas just east of Roncesvalles, when she was sideswiped by a truck, pulled under its wheels and killed. I happened to have been riding past this very spot only minutes before this accident occurred, since it is on my regular route to work. Dandyhorse editor and Roncesvalles Renewed member Tammy Thorne forwarded me an email inviting people to attend a memorial ride this Monday. The ride will begin at Dundas and Sterling at 8 am.

I personally believe this accident could have been prevented. Canada could have adopted the recommendations of a 1998 coroner's report and mandated truck side guards. These safety features prevent cyclists and pedestrians from being caught under the wheels of large trucks. Over one-fifth of cycling fatalities in Toronto involve collisions with trucks. I have written to the Canadian Minister of Transport to urge that such guards be mandatory, as they are in Europe and the UK. I invite others to examine this issue and decide for themselves whether truck side guards should be standard on all large trucks, trailers and buses operating in urban areas.

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you think might be interested.

John Bowker
Parking and Beautification Chair
Roncesvalles Village BIA

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