Multiple Offers Sets Record Price in Downtown Condo!

Just a quick note to let you know how we can help you or anyone you refer to us. The market is hot and some properties are selling with multiple bids!

Photo by Jim Crocker
Photo by Jim Crocker

Our client Alex bought her first condo in the St. Lawrence Market with Jen on our team a few years ago. After marrying Sean they were ready to move up and they bought a fabulous home in Little Italy. It was time to sell her condo.

With a few extra tips from Julie and plenty of decluttering, it was ready to go. The key to their success was the pricing and unique marketing strategy that Julie employed, based on her expert knowledge of the downtown condo market.

Offer night came and we received 10 offers! Alex and Sean were thrilled to sit back and put on their poker face and let Julie lead the negotiations, guiding them through the process with due diligence and careful considerations.

The condo was sold significantly over asking, far more than any other in their building, their neighbours must be excited too! Alex and Sean were thrilled to sell her place so quickly and seamlessly and are ready to move!

The Julie Kinnear Team
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P.S. . If you know someone who is considering moving, now's a great time – they can benefit from a skilled and experienced team - give us a call today!

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