Top 20 Romantic Cities – What’s Wrong With Toronto?

Two days ago, the online retail giant presented a list of the 20 most romantic Canadian cities. And guess what – Toronto didn't make it to the list!

Photo by popejon
Photo by Popejon

The list is more sophisticated than it may seem – Amazon was collecting sales data on such romantic items like romance novels, relationship books, romantic movies, or Michael Bublé CDs throughout the whole January. The number for a city was then divided by the number of citizens living in it (only cities with more than 100,000 residents were included). Here are the results:

  1. Victoria, British Columbia
  2. Guelph, Ontario
  3. Calgary, Alberta
  4. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  5. Oakville, Ontario (new)
  6. Regina, Saskatchewan
  7. Kingston, Ontario
  8. Kelowna, British Columbia
  9. Nepean, Ontario (new)
  10. Burlington, Ontario (new)
  11. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  12. Richmond Hill, Ontario (new)
  13. Edmonton, Alberta
  14. London, Ontario
  15. Kitchener, Ontario (new)
  16. St. Catharines, Ontario (new)
  17. Burnaby, British Columbia (new)
  18. Thunder Bay, Ontario
  19. Richmond, British Columbia (new)
  20. Ottawa, Ontario

Ontario claimed more than a half of the 20 positions, but with no place reserved for Toronto. Victoria got the first place thanks to the local demand for romantic books – far the biggest in Canada. Kingston preferred romantic DVDs (tailed by Calgary and Nepean). People in Calgary like to do all kinds of romantic activities. They placed themselves in the top 3 for every indicator – but never first.

Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are missing in this years romantic top 20 as well. Are big cities killing romance? What do you think?

P.S. I believe you wonder where are the biggest fans of Michael Bublé. Surprisingly, this city didn't make it to the top 20 – it's Brantford, Ontario.

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