Protected Bike Lanes In Downtown Toronto Coming!

bicycle by JMC Photos
bicycle by JMC Photos

Toronto bikers get ready! After months of the bike vs. car war, we are approaching peaceful resolution. Toronto downtown should experience the first separate bike lane network soon.

It is maybe even more surprising, since Mayor Rob Ford has not been probably the biggest friend of bikers. However, he maintained no opposition against the plan of public works and infrastructure committee chair Denzil Minnan-Wong, who wants to create interconnected curbed bike lanes along the key roads. Sherbourne street, Wellesley street and even Richmond Street will be affected, as well as smaller roads like roads such as St. George, John and Beverley Sts. The network will have two major north-south and east-west routes, and you will be able to reach the lake at Queens Quay.

Some existing, but not protected, bike lanes will be curbed and separated, adding thus higher level of safety. Some roads will have to sacrifice one of their lanes; authorities plan to prevent potential traffic gridlock by limiting streetcars in favour of subway. Hundred kilometres of bike lanes should cost around $50 million.

Although it may seem as unprecedented victory of bike savvy citizens, it is not correct statement - proposed solution should benefit all citizens. As Andrea Garcia from the Toronto Cyclists Union said: "I think a lot of drivers ride bikes and a lot of people who ride bikes drive cars. We're all citizens of the same city and people choose to get around differently on one day versus another day."

So polish your two-wheelers, there is a chance to improve your green lifestyle!

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