Moving up to your “forever” home in Toronto? Sean & Katherine

Sean and Katherine succesfully bought a home with Julie Kinnear about 8 years ago. Because of their great experience back then, they decided to work with our team again. They wanted to move to a bigger "forever" home because of their growing family:

Julie's team was really fantastic, I would recommend them in a heartbeat. They were true professionals, they were attentive to us and really friendly, had great resources and were just a fantastic team overall. We had a super experience!

Every time you move homes, it represents a monumental life change. When thinking about your Forever Home, what do you see? Picture it in your mind. When picturing your house, think of the layout you want to meet your lifestyle. Always consider the location you always pictured for your Forever Home. When budgeting for life in your Forever Home, make sure you consider the ongoing costs.

If you're tired of moving and you just want to settle down and let down your roots, we can help. Read more tips about moving to your "forever" home and don't hesitate to contact us! 


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