Book Review: The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle
The Glass Castle by Jeannette Wells

Review by Stephanie

This is a memoir written by Jeannette Wells of her family and her memories of growing up. This memoir had my jaw on the ground for about 80% of the book. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be laughing in parts because I thought I should be crying for this girl. The family is so dirt poor. The parents are beyond dysfunctional. She was daddy's little girl (or mountain goat as he called her) and she just thought that he was the smartest most wonderful person as a young girl. They moved town to town, state to state without a word because daddy knows best. The parents made everything they did sound like the most wonderful adventure, all the while I'm reading it sobbing because the things they do and where they live is unbelievable. What they overcame as a family and how things have ended up in her life are truly lessons in what you believe in you can achieve in.

I highly recommend this book. Its a good quick read and unforgettable!

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