Toronto Botanical Garden: A Green Oasis

The garden grounds
The beautiful garden grounds

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Toronto Botanical Garden Educational Centre and Library
Toronto Botanical Garden Educational Centre and Library

The Little Green Garden With Big Ideas

Nearly four acres of land at 777 Lawrence Avenue East deserve your attention. Formerly known as the Toronto Civic Garden Centre, it opened as the city's botanical garden and a gardening education and information centre at the same time in 2003. Toronto Botanical Garden lies in Edwards Gardens, which is a public park, owned and administered by the City of Toronto. However, this botanical garden is unlike all the other civic gardens. It's almost entirely sponsored by self-generated income instead of the government — 95% of its budget comes solely from membership fees, fundraising events, gardening courses, and donations. It's doing well, all thanks to the group of devoted volunteers behind this success.

Toronto Botanical Garden consists of 17 themed gardens designed to educate and inspire, each presenting a different mix of native trees and flowers. The Woodland Walk, for example, features a beautiful wildflower meadow, trees, shrubs, and perennials all from the prairie savanna native to this region. Take a walk and stop by the water curtain or admire pebbles near the water channel. The George and Kathy Dembroski Centre for Horticulture, renovated in 2005, won a Toronto Green Award and features green roofs of native perennials — one of them standing right above the garden staff's offices. The centre has reason to be proud, having received the LEED Silver Certification with its ecological design and energy. The design of the sloping green roof reduces heating and cooling costs significantly while it also manages storm water runoff.

It's not just about enjoying a nice walk outside. The botanical garden puts a lot of focus on education as well. With many special programs designed for children, it offers a hands-on experience on how to do organic gardening and take care of plants in the lovely Teaching Garden. School visits, camps, family programs, and an extensive horticultural library — it looks like the garden keeps busy during the whole year.

After an exhausting afternoon in the city, stop by and take in the beauty of blooming flowers or grab a coffee in the Garden Café in the historic barn at the north end of the complex. It's safe to say that the outdoor patio is one of the nicest settings in Toronto, nestled between greenhouses and the gorgeous gardens. And the selection truly is delicious.

Enjoy the splendour of nature while learning practical tips for your own garden. This is the perfect place! When you want to visit a similar place, one of Toronto's historical gardens, Allan Gardens, should be your next destination.

Location: 777 Lawrence Avenue East
Telephone: (416) 397-1341
Opening Hours: The gardens are open daily from dawn until dusk. The building is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m on weekdays and from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekends.

Walking Paths of Toronto Botanical Garden copy
Wooden Bridge Toronto Botanical Garden
Yellow flowers field
A meadow from your dreams
Little Stream and Bridge Toronto Botanical Garden
Green Facade Toronto Botanical Garden
Green facade of Toronto Botanical Garden
Red Flower
Greenhouse of Toronto Botanical Garden
One of the greenhouses in the complex.
Musicians of Toronto Botanical Garden
Enjoy a nice day out while listening to live music.
Toronto Botanical Garden Farmers Market
There is a Farmer's Market too!
Potager duKanada Organic Farm
The Bee Shop at Farmers Market
The Bee Shop

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