The Beautiful Casa Loma Photo Essay

Medieval castle Casa Loma
Sir Henry Pellat's dream come true - the Medieval castle Casa Loma

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We are introducing a brand new series of Photo Essays! Have a look at amazing Photo Sets all shot by talented photographers. Explore the vibe of the city, its hidden treasures, meet the Torontonians! This time, let's have a look at Toronto through the lens of Viera Prievozníková!

Castle grounds with visitors
Castle grounds full with visitors during the high season

The Medieval beauty Casa Loma

The magnificent castle Casa Loma attracts thousands of tourists and locals every year, as it is one of the top destinations in Toronto. But how does a medieval castle actually end up on one of the hills in our city?

The story starts with Sir Henry Pellat, a prominent Canadian financier, industrialist, and military figure who had a real passion for the Medieval architecture of his Irish homeland. And what a construction it was! It took 300 workers nearly three years of work and the outrageous costs of $3.5 million to finally complete this breathtaking project in 1911. Did you know that Casa Loma means "the house on the hill" in Spanish? Pellat, responsible for the development of today's neighbourhoods of Casa Loma and Humewood, lost most of his fortune after World War I, landing in heavy debt. In the end, he was forced to give up his private castle and hand it over to the City of Toronto in 1933.

Casa Loma takes visitors back in time, allowing them to wander around its vast corridors and fully furnished 98 rooms. The attractions of the castle are so many: secret passageways, an 800-foot tunnel, a grand staircase, and the beautiful five-acre gardens around the castle. The stables on the castle grounds were renovated with the help of the Garden Club of Toronto and are constructed of mahogany, while the floors are covered by Spanish tiles.

And this beauty didn't go unnoticed by Hollywood. An immensely popular shooting destination, you might have seen the castle in many block busters. There are halls full of movie posters where it has made appearances. X-men, Chicago, Extreme Measures, and Scott Pilgrim are just a few to mention. Have a look at the gallery of movie posters inside the castle where Casa Loma played a location to remember.

Casa Loma glass vitrage
The beautiful details of the hall's glass vitrage
Castle fully furnished rooms tour 1
One of the many private salons of the Pellat family
Salon window with curtains
Casa Loma interior furnished room
Casa Loma indoor fountain
Casa Loma stables
Casa Loma Estate Gardens in sunlight
The Estate Gardens bathing in the last summer's sun beams
Landscaped gardens pathway Casa Loma
The lovely landscaped gardens held many private parties in the 1920's

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