Farmers’ Markets in Toronto: Winter Market at Montgomery’s Inn

ADDRESS 4709 Dundas Street West, Etobicoke
OPENING HOURS Indoor Winter Market: January 4 through late May 2017
Outdoor Summer Market: from May 24, 2017
Wednesdays from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
PHONE 416 394 8113
CONNECT Website | Facebook | Twitter

Warm sweaters and warm community - that is the Winter Market at Montgomery’s Inn! Try organic produce directly from local farmers and food artisans; Cheese, fresh-baked bread from the Inn’s wood-fired oven, ready-to-eat meals or ethically raised meat, everything in one atmospheric Inn. Eat, enjoy the music, meet new people and don’t forget to have a tour of this place - it’s free during the market hours!

Spade and Spoon sell varieties of chutneys, pickles, jams and other preserves made from vegetables and fruits grown on their farm. The farm is owned and operated by Blythe Weber and Adam Smith. It has been in Blythe's family for generation and it is located outside Ayton, Ontario. They pride themselves in not using any pesticides in their vegetable growing process, making them "beyond organic".

Your Farms is a local free range chicken farm that brings you closer to your food. Run by Katie, born and raised in Ontario with her mother being a big advocate for local organic food, Your Farms wants to provide your family with healthy nutritious chicken and an educational experience that will bring you closer to the Earth and yourself. Always having access to grass and feeding the Non-GMO feed, chickens from this farm are truly humanely raised.

Nith Valley Organics is committed to sustainable agriculture with the farm located in Plattsville. Their 75-acre property includes cropland, pasture, hardwood bush, and a stream, but there is also a 2400 square foot greenhouse for transplant production and season extension! In 2011, Nith Valley Organics began the process to transition, with the goal to have all of their crops certified.

Huron Sun produces a pure virgin oil, made from natural high-oleic sunflower seeds locally grown and harvested in Ontario. This oil is cold-pressed in small batches to retain many of the natural nutrients and goodness!

Montgomery’s Inn is a place with rich history. Back in the 1840s, locals gathered in the tavern and ballroom to exchange news, and travellers enjoyed a warm meal and a shelter for the night. The restored inn reflects this life through the displays, historical photographs and artefacts in room settings. Today, thanks to the local citizens and government support, the Montgomery’s Inn remains a significant Etobicoke heritage resource for visitors from near and far.

Farmers’ markets in Toronto are a great way for spending some quality time in your beloved neighbourhood while catching up on your shopping. So if you are looking for family fun or just want to restock your pantry, we created a guide that should help you decide which farmers’ market in Toronto to visit next! Read The Best Farmers’ Markets in Toronto guide here!

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