In case you missed it – JKT February News

Vintage Furniture Stores in Toronto: Jacaranda Tree & Co.

There's a bit of a high-end gift shop feel about this vintage store, but when the owner Monkman was asked if there was any unifying theme or guiding principle to her selection of wares, her answer was simply "it has to be awesome." See our full interview here.

January 2017 Toronto Market Report: Serious Supply Problem

January 2017 continued what 2016 had started: sales were up on a year-over-year basis while the number of new listings was down by double-digit annual rates for most major home types. See all the numbers here.

10 Things Toronto’s First Time Home Buyers Need to Know

Buying your first home is a huge milestone, and it can be a pretty daunting task, after all, it’s likely to be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. This is one of the reasons why seeking expert advice is so important to the buying process. A trusted professional, with your best interest at heart, can be the difference between ‘Home Sweet Home’ and regret. See our full guide here.

Oscars 2017 predictions!

The 89th Academy Awards is just a week away and we cannot wait! Honouring the best movies of 2016 bringing back some big names this year, with Natalie Portman, Denzel Washington, Michelle Williams or Jeff Bridges. Every year our team has our own mini poll, see all of our picks here.

JKT Spotlight: Sylvia Apostolidis

Change is harder than we think. This is why New Year’s resolutions fail and just talking about something being right isn’t enough to inspire a lasting impact, so Sylvia Apostolidis uses behavioural design principles to help steer organizations towards workplace inclusion. These principles have helped people make healthier food choices, save for retirement, and make more environmentally friendly decisions. See the full interview here.


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