Toronto Light Festival At The Distillery Historic District

ADDRESS The Distillery Historic District, Toronto
OPENING HOURS January 19 to March 4, 2018
Sunday-Wednesday from sundown to 9:00 PM
Thursday-Saturday from sundown to 10:00 PM
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One big idea, thousands of lights - that is how Toronto Light Festival invites you on a visual journey and an imaginative adventure through the industrial buildings of Distillery Historic District.

Wanting to create something special that will lift the collective spirit of the City, founders of Festival wish you to experience Toronto in a way you never have before. As creator & executive director Mathew Rosenblatt said:

In a world with so many dark and ominous messages, we want to create a positive, magical urban world that people of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy and look forward to.

So what exactly is light art? This relatively new art form includes a wide variety of ways light can be influenced. And because light art pieces usually emit or manipulate light, colours and shadows in creative ways, you can experience the light with your eyes, heart, hands or even feet!

The Festival exhibits these lighting creations in form of light sculptures, interactive installations, and new light art materials, featuring local and international artists. Check the full lists of this year’s artists here and visit the art of light at Toronto Light Festival - you have time until March 4!


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