New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 5/2008

New FAQ questions for 5th week of 2008.

Questions submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

What is the average cost of parking in a condo building? »
What is a Status Certificate? »
Is the condo market going soft? »
Which is the better investment, a house or a condo? »
Julie, I am very interested in a career in the real estate field. I was wondering if you could forward me some information of how one goes about starting in the field??? This is a very general inquiry, but I am a great people person and would love to enter your field of work. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Jason Kirton »
You have a question "What exactly is a LOFT-style unit"? However, you don't really answer it... you just say it's similar to a condo. What's the difference then? »

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