New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 4/2008

New FAQ questions for 4th week of 2008.

Questions submitted to Buying a House FAQ:

If I'm interested in a property, how can I determine if the list price is fair? »
How do I know what price to offer for a property? »
Do you do short or long term rentals? »
Do I need to have a home inspection done on every home I'm interested in? »
What happens to my deposit while I await closing? »
How do I go about finding open houses? »
Can I get a lockbox code from you and just visit a house myself? »
How does the new Toronto Land Transfer Tax affect me? »
What is your referral policy? »
Should I buy first or sell first? »
Can you tell me more about bidding wars? »
Should I buy new or re-sale? »
When should I make my offer conditional? »
When should I make my offer conditional? »
Do you know any mortgage brokers or financing specialists? »
How long should a closing take - how soon before I can move in? »
I saw a great house on but when I drove by, it was already sold? »
If I just want to get in to see some houses, why do I need a Buyer Representative? »
Is a Buyer Representative's service free to me? »
Do I need a real estate lawyer if the offer documents are pretty standard? »
How much do I have to put down on a property when making an offer? »

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