Smart Meters Are Coming Your Way

Smart meter

The stable supply of electricity has become an issue, especially on those broiling days (that seem so far away!) where there is a risk of brownouts due to our energy consumption overload. The new smart meters are one of the tools that will help us all reduce the amount of energy we use - and they're coming your way!

The government has mandated that smart meters be installed in all homes and business across the province by 2010. Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has already installed 400,000 smart meters last year - that's about 5% of those remaining to be installed.


A smart meter will:

  • record how much energy is used and when it's used
  • help you manage your electricity costs when you curb your electricity use to times when prices are lower

You'll receive a personalized letter along with a reminder telephone call prior to the arrival of the Smart Meter Installation Team at your home. It will be installed where your old (current) meter is situated and due to the sophistication of the system, Toronto Hydro will no longer require access inside your home to read the meter, even if the meter's located inside. You can find out more about rates (based on time-of-use) by visiting

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