New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 38/2008

New FAQ questions for 38th week of 2008.

A question submitted to Buying a House FAQ:

Hi Julie, we have made an offer on a house and it has been accepted. One of the conditions we put on the offer is a home inpection, another is our house selling. We are thinking of having the inspection done immediately (before our house sells), is this a good idea? Our thinking is that if for some reason we are asked to waive our conditions to keep our offer ahead of another offer then at least we will have done the inspection first. Also, if something serious is discovered in the inspection we can back out before our house sells or before wasting too much time. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks. »

A question submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

just purchased a new condo on eglinton and mt pleasant. moved in finally after 4 years, august 11. it is a 2 bedroom plus den. the den was going to be used as my office and would be used most of the day. the room does not have a venting system. you cannot breath in this room and the air is very stale. the closest vent to it is 26 feet away. I am being told that the builder is not required to install vent system for a den. If that is the case, this room is not a den, it should have been called a storage room because thats all it is good for. Do you know if there is anything out there available to me for arguement with this builder. »

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