New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 45/2008

New FAQ questions for 45th week of 2008.

A question submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

hi can i find a place in toronto area for around 70000 with cash money ? »

A question submitted to Buying a House FAQ:

We put an offer for a house A with 2 conditions, inspection and buyer arranging financing satisfactory to him at his sole discretion within 5 banking days. Our banker gave us lot of trouble to get the mortgage papers and we withdrew the offer on night of 5th banking day. we got the mutual release letter and deposit back in 3 days. Now, we are buying another houseB at exactly the same amount. This time we sorted things with bank as we started the process earlier and closed the deal. The seller of house A said he is going to sue us as it is the same amount and now we are Ok with financing and buying another house. Based on your experience, what do you do in these situations? »

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