Eat Pray Love – review by Heidi

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I actually didn't enjoy the book (nor did I finish it) so I don't know what compelled me to go to see the movie – perhaps all of the Oprah hype! Anyway, as you have probably guessed, I didn't like it. It isn't terrible – the scenery is stunning and makes you want to go travelling;  and the men are gorgeous as well.  But there is just TOO MUCH JULIA! I know, she is the star - but come on!  The plot of the movie also seemed to be missing some "back-story". Perhaps the director assumed that we all had read the book, but if you haven't, the movie seems to skip too quickly over events so that it is difficult to truly become "invested" in the story and the characters. Not too say that it is a confusing story – the title gives the whole plot line away – but, in order to believe in the the story, I needed to have more time and understanding invested in the characters.  Oddly, even though the movie seems to breeze over some plot lines, it also lingers in the wrong places. Eat Pray Love is nearly two and a half hours long and Julia doesn't even get on a plane for the first 45 minutes of the movie! In the book (I did get half way through it) Elizabeth Gilbert is trying to learn how to live on her own and resist romance; movie Gilbert (Julia) constantly is sharing meals, socializing, and enjoying sexual flings! But it gets worse. Gilbert is no Shirley Valentine, her husband doesn't treat her badly, she's well educated, she has a plush house, she has friends - I'm still looking for the straw that broke the camel having a midlife crisis here - and the film never once explains how she can afford to pack up her life and travel around the globe (or rather, it neglects to mention that Gilbert was actually a commercially successful writer who had one of her pieces turned into Coyote Ugly in 2000).
Overall, I found the movie as disappointing as the book. (Sorry Julia – but I think you'll be Ok!). 2 stars.

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