Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – review by Julie

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I saw Wall Street on opening night in Vancouver - which was kinda fun excitement. Don't you love going to the theatre and getting yummy theatre popcorn? I saw it at the Dunbar one of the old "grand dame" theatres, with the old seats, and HUGE screen. Very cool. I have to say it was not packed, we expected more – but it wasn't right downtown in one of the littler silver screens.

Great cast! With Michael Douglas in the news so much these days with his health, it was a quiet reminder seeing him smoking his cigars in the flick. Michael looked great and is always very engaging. Shia Labeouf was the younger version now (Jacob)– working on Wall Street and is seeking revenge after his mentor dies. He is by all accounts one of the huge upcoming lead stars. I remember him as an action guy from Transformers - he has a lot of energy and handles a lot of dialogue really well. He has great chemistry with Carey Mulligan (Winnie) who in real life is now his girlfriend after they co-starred in Wall Street, as she plays his love interest in the movie and has very interesting role and is definitely a quality actor. Josh Brolin plays evil well. There was a funny cameo by Charlie Sheen which was classic as it really flashed us back to the original movie from 1987. Susan Sarandon also stars as Jacob's mother – kinda hilarious as she is in real estate – and she plays such an off character as a Long Island realtor/developer getting into real trouble as the market is sinking too.

The engaging story line was taken from real life - essentially the October crash of 2008 that was felt so heavily on Wall Street and Gordon Gecko was his usual intriguing surprising self. The story gets more involved in the private life of Gecko, as Winnie is also his estranged daughter, so on top of the business craziness, there is a whole other part about building that relationship.

It was well paced and good fun, and worth seeing, especially if you remember the original!

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