Creme Fraiche

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639 Annette St.

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4 stephanie said on September 28th, 2012

Creme Fraiche on the corner of Annette and Durie. It took forever to open with only a tease of a sign promising interesting things to come. Creme Fraiche has quickly become a very popular little food emporium with very friendly and helpful staff. On Wednesday afternoons they have a small farmers market. I’ve been buying tons of peaches, tomatoes, sweet corn and gorgeous little purple fingerling potatoes. Perfect with Mont Forte cultured butter that they ordered in for me. There is a very good selection of bread (also some gluten free), cheese and delicious pickles made by Chris who works there. There is also some take- out food available which you can enjoy on the small patio at the side of the building. The grilled cheese sandwiches are amazing I’ve also tried the popsicles (spiced red plum, mojito). I could go on but might run out of space!

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