Bloor West Village Restaurants

2.0000 (1) A Dark Horse
A Dark Horse is a fairly large English restaurant and bar in the heart of the Bloor West Village. Nicely equipped with a large patio, dark wooden interior and a healthy selection of spirits, wines and ales.
3.0000 (1) Asa Sushi
Asa Sushi serves up all the usual sushi favourites in second story enclave in Bloor West Village. There are a large assortment of rolls on the menu as well as creative vegetarian options.
3.0000 (1) Bloom Restaurant
Visited Bloom for dinner last night, the food was excellent -couldn\'t have asked for better cooked scallops. The portions were on the bigger side (couldn\'t finish my entree knowing dessert was coming!) and the food was terrific, including the best salad I\'ve ever had in my life!
4.0000 (1) Bloor Jane Restaurant
Nothing beats a quintessential diner breakfast (especially after a night out)! Bloor Jane never disappoints, staight up eggs bacon and the server with the extra high hair and she remembers what you order even if its been awhile since you have been there!
3.0000 (1) Bryden's
Bryden's is a Bloor West pub with 16 (micro)beers on tap and a menu of comfort food including its "Biggest Baddest Burger" and "This Ain't Yo Mama's Fruit Salad." Don't tell mom.
4.0000 (1) Creme Fraiche
Creme Fraiche on the corner of Annette and Durie. It took forever to open with only a tease of a sign promising interesting things to come. Creme Fraiche has quickly become a very popular little food emporium with very friendly and helpful staff. On Wednesday afternoons they have a small farmers market. I've been buying tons of peaches, tomatoes, sweet corn and gorgeous little purple fingerling potatoes. Perfect with Mont Forte cultured butter that they ordered in for me. There is a very good selection of bread (also some gluten free), cheese and delicious pickles made by Chris who works there. There is also some take- out food available which you can enjoy on the small patio at the side of the building. The grilled cheese sandwiches are amazing I've also tried the popsicles (spiced red plum, mojito). I could go on but might run out of space!
4.6667 (3) Falafel World
Great Middle Eastern foods next to home.
5.0000 (1) Hot Oven Bakery
My all time favorite bakery!! The BEST chicken pot pies! the BEST cheese bread, it comes in a circular loaf and is orange, kids love it! The sugar cookies are made for every occasion you can think o. I have bought their cupcakes and they have been favored over highly priced "cupcake store" cupcakes. You can buy day old items for 1/2 price and after 6:00 any bread left is only 2.00. I can not say enough about this bakery!
4.0000 (2) Patisserie 27
Best almond croissant i have had to date!
5.0000 (1) Queen's Pasta Cafe
Queen's Pasta Cafe offers the most mouth-watering pasta in town! In addition to the typical types of pasta dishes (all beautifully prepared), the menu offers many less-than-usual recipes, all of which are succulent. The service is outstanding, and the staff make our 5-year-old daughter feel most welcome. The prices are reasonable, given the quality of the food and the generous serving sizes. It's our favorite BWV restaurant -- we go there for most of our "special" family dinners out.
4.0000 (1) Strada
Of course Strada is a chain, part of the Il Fornello franchise, but it's worth reviewing to let you know that the food is really good, the decor is light & bright, and there is a great selection of wheat & dairy free pizzas for those allergic to normal 'za. The great thing about Strada is that it's entirely reliable - whether you're having a nice intimate lunch or a big party at the bar, you know exactly what you're going to get every time: good food and value.
3.0000 (1) The Kennedy Public House
The food is really good. The drink list mediocre. Its a nice afternoon drink/lunch vibe!
4.0000 (1) The Yellow Griffin Pub
BURGER ME!!! The menu is a little overwhelming at first, but if you sit patiently and go thru, the combinations they have are so fantastic! The sides that come with your burger other than fries are really good. Yummy coleslaw :)
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