Leaside Services

4.5000 (2) Bagel World
Great Montreal style bagels - smells and tastes yummy - small area to grab breaky or lunch as well...
5.0000 (2) Big Stretch Yoga
Great classes in a relaxed atmosphere. Not pretentious - you are just as accepted in 80's tights with leggings as you are in Lu Lu Lemons!!
5.0000 (1) Country Store
A mix of original and reproduction antiques. Lovely owner. Great place to brouse for little gifts as well as beautiful furniture!!
4.0000 (1) The Merchant of Tennis
The Merchant of Tennis just might be Toronto's best source for tennis clothes, shoes, racquets, balls and other gear. They can also hook you up with local pros to help you improve your game.
3.0000 (1) Whatever Lola Wants (WLW)
Whatever Lola Wants looks like a boutique you'd find in say, Parkdale rather than Leaside. But this midtown location is one of the reasons why owner Rhonda Fruitman decided to set shop north of Bloor. "Bayview is a destination, and since we're the only store of this kind in the neighborhood the reception has been really good."Everything in the store is 100% handcrafted in Canada by smaller, independent artists and labels. Love it!!!!
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