Il Fornello

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576 Danforth Avenue

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3 nicole said on September 21st, 2007

A big fan of their Italian food especially their wood-fired thin crust pizzas (which Il Fornello was making long before the fad caught on), I was disappointed when they closed the Bloor/Bathurst location I’d spent so many celebrations at. Good thing there are many locations, as well as cousins Strada & Villa offering the same great food with a slightly different atmosphere! The one on Danforth has seating for a couple hundred – like every other restaurant on the strip from Broadview to Jones, it looks like it was designed for weddings – and they have a great weekday lunch buffet for only $10.95. You can enjoy fall off the bone baked chicken, mussels, salads, meatballs and of course their famous ‘za. Totally worth the money!!

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