Riverdale Restaurants

3.0000 (1) Il Fornello
A big fan of their Italian food especially their wood-fired thin crust pizzas (which Il Fornello was making long before the fad caught on), I was disappointed when they closed the Bloor/Bathurst location I'd spent so many celebrations at. Good thing there are many locations, as well as cousins Strada & Villa offering the same great food with a slightly different atmosphere! The one on Danforth has seating for a couple hundred - like every other restaurant on the strip from Broadview to Jones, it looks like it was designed for weddings - and they have a great weekday lunch buffet for only $10.95. You can enjoy fall off the bone baked chicken, mussels, salads, meatballs and of course their famous 'za. Totally worth the money!!
4.0000 (1) Loic Gourmet
We are always looking for the best and freshest ingredients while favouring local and seasonal products. All our meats are naturally raised and come from Cumbrae's, Brome Lake, Niagara Food Specialties (our charcuterie does not contain nitrate or phosphate) and our fish comes from sustainable fishery and is mostly from right here in Ontario. We offer compostable takeout dishes that can be put right into your green bin or we can put your food in our glassware and ceramic dishes with a deposit. Inside our store, we do not use chemicals but biodegradable cleaners instead. We do our best to minimize our impact while focusing our efforts on creating great tasting food. We are proud members of Slow Food Toronto and Live Green Toronto.
4.5000 (2) Omonia Shish Kebob Place
Amazing Greek dining with one of the biggest wraparound patios on the Danforth - and that is really saying something in a neighbourhood where the restaurants are twice as spacious as those found in the west end. The food is divine - whole fish of the day grilled to perfection, among the best calamari I have ever eaten, delicious desserts (try the galaktobouriko!) and more authentic Greek food than can be found in some of the more Canadian-style Greek restaurants. One caveat: as if the menu isn't varied enough, they are introducing other mediterranean food like italian dishes, and they just aren't as good as the traditional mainstays.
4.0000 (1) Sidhartha Indian Restaurant
Lovely Indian food buffet. The service is very attentive, especially for a buffet, and the butter chicken is divine! It can get a little busy, but they do take reservations.
4.0000 (1) The Court Jester
This is a great, super laid back neighbourhood pub with very good food. The menu has lots of the usual pub fare, but also some unexpected items. An easy place to take kids for an early dinner, but also a great place to hang out any night of week or for weekend brunch.
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