Loic Gourmet

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722 Queen St. East

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4 stephanie said on September 27th, 2012

We are always looking for the best and freshest ingredients while favouring local and seasonal products. All our meats are naturally raised and come from Cumbrae’s, Brome Lake, Niagara Food Specialties (our charcuterie does not contain nitrate or phosphate) and our fish comes from sustainable fishery and is mostly from right here in Ontario. We offer compostable takeout dishes that can be put right into your green bin or we can put your food in our glassware and ceramic dishes with a deposit. Inside our store, we do not use chemicals but biodegradable cleaners instead. We do our best to minimize our impact while focusing our efforts on creating great tasting food.
We are proud members of Slow Food Toronto and Live Green Toronto.

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