Omonia Shish Kebob Place

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426 Danforth Ave

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5 nicole said on May 3rd, 2007

Amazing Greek dining with one of the biggest wraparound patios on the Danforth – and that is really saying something in a neighbourhood where the restaurants are twice as spacious as those found in the west end. The food is divine – whole fish of the day grilled to perfection, among the best calamari I have ever eaten, delicious desserts (try the galaktobouriko!) and more authentic Greek food than can be found in some of the more Canadian-style Greek restaurants. One caveat: as if the menu isn’t varied enough, they are introducing other mediterranean food like italian dishes, and they just aren’t as good as the traditional mainstays.

4 nicole said on September 21st, 2007

Had to take the rating down a notch – as after the big reno (presumably to make the restaurant look more cutting-edge and stand out from all the rest of the blue & white on the street), the prices have gone way up but the food is the same :( There is a new cocktail area and everyone is a bit snobbier. You can get much better value at the Greek Grill, formerly the big Mr. Greek’s just east of Omonia. The food is nearly as fancy and is very fresh.

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