Riverdale Services

4.0000 (1) Bad Dog Theatre
Fun Improv, on the cheap. They have great shows for about $10 (better than a movie!), lots of laughs and snacks are one dollar. They do not serve alcohol, but are right at Danforth and Broadview- walking distance to a ton of great Greek and assorted other restaurants... Check it out - Laughter is good for you!!
4.5000 (2) Carrot Common
Long hours natural grocery. Great food but not cheap.
4.0000 (1) Cookie Connection
This is a great place
4.0000 (1) Fox and Fiddle - Danforth
What a GREAT place to watch a HOCKEY GAME!! There are tons of TV's and big screens... They keep the volume up so you can hear the commentary! The very average food was a little overpriced, but oh well. The service was friendly and separate bills were given to our large group. GO LEAFS GO!
4.5000 (2) Fruit King
Fruit king This fruit market is located in the hub of the Danforth area (at the Danforth and Logan intersection). The turnover of fresh produce is so fast, that the fruits and vegetables are the freshest and the cheapest in the city (I guarantee it!). For instance, 2 English cucumbers for $1.49; 2 quarts for strawberries for $2; and watermelon for $2. Hey, it all adds up!
3.0000 (1) IGA
Did you know that the Danforth IGA offers home delivery? It's a great service for people who live in the neighbourhood and don't drive. You can walk up, do your grocery shopping and leave it there for the good folks at IGA to deliver to your home later in the day. This service is well used by parents of babies - you don't have to schlep the baby & the groceries home at the same time.
4.0000 (1) Riverdale Farm (Winchester & Sumach)
Riverdale Farm Riverdale Farm is everything that you might hope for – 2 barns with animals ranging from chicken, pigs, cows, horses, ducks, goats and sheep. The farm area is small, and feels safe and intimate and children run relatively free within the enclosed area. Homemade cookies are baked on site and there are great trees for climbing. The Farmers often give presentations and teach whomever is around how to milk cows or how to groom horses. Their summer camp programs are fabulous as well. Be sure to plan a visit in the Spring time as you will be sure to see new baby animals!
3.0000 (1) The Riverdale Perk
A great independant local hang out. Great coffee and baked goods. The date squares are to die for!!!!
4.0000 (1) Treasure Island Toys
Treasure Island: This is definitely the best toy store in the area! Located in the heart of Riverdale, Treasure Island has a wide variety of quality toys and books. There are toys at the front of the store that your kids can play with in order to distract your children while you shop. The staff are friendly, knowledgable and helpful. Possibly the best feature is the free gift wrapping that they offer. This is perfect, as you can then purchase the birthday gift en route to the party! 4 stars
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