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5.0000 (1) Cheese Boutique
Family run - gourmet food store (formerly in Bloor West Village) - it is absolutely packed floor to ceiling with finds from all over the world - primarily Euro flavours. Incredible aged cheeses & meats - tons of busy helpful staff. They have a guest celebrity foodies series. Don't forget to grab some delicious bagel chips or pepperettes as a treat too! You'll find the best restaurants in the city buying from them.
5.0000 (1) Rennee Park
Gorgeous park often much quieter than High Park. A hidden neighbourhood jewel.
5.0000 (1) Rennie park
I grew up on 12 Rennie terrace across from rennie park. rennie park was hwere I played, where I got chased by a black dog called Stretch, learned to ride a bike and where my mother set my gerbils free one day. it was an awsome place to grow up!!! i highly recommend it to anyone. Today i live in delray beach, Florida with my husband and our tropical birds and a cat.
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