Restaurants In The Annex

4.0000 (1) Ding Dong Bakery
So this is a bakery in Chinatown. I can't even spend $3.00 in this place and I leave with a ton of stuff! They hgave extra large almond cookies. Fresh made buns with meats, hotdogs, cheese. Sticky rice balls filled with many different fillins. You have to just go and experience it yourself. its yumyum!
3.0000 (1) Fresh
In my opinion, the only reason to go to Fresh is to order a bowl. They're hearty, heathy and very delicious. You get loads of veggies and can customize with either brown rice, soba noodles or greens. I love the macro greens, the green goddess, the buddah, and the powerhouse. I should also mention that their burgers are great - not soy based as far as I know. Excellent option for people that limit their intake of soy or any kind of 'fake' meat. (Like me!)
4.0000 (1) Grapefruit Moon
Neighbourhood casual fare restaurant - cool ambiance, ideal lunch or brunch place, homey atmosphere, you'll find excellent microbrews and local gourmet coffee. Kinda granola crowd.
4.0000 (1) Greg's Ice Cream
I have 2 words: ROASTED MARSHMALLOW!!! It's a must! a must! a must! (in my humble opinion) Steph
4.0000 (1) Indian Rice Factory
Excellent food and a cool ambiance. Some excellent choices for vegetarians. In the summer, they have a great patio...
4.0000 (2) Rocco's Plum Tomato
Right at the edge of the Annex off Markham Street, Rocco's looks like an Annex version of East Side Mario's - there are tiled floors, stucco walls, and everything is supposed to look like an Italian Villa. Too bad there is always a weird smell in there and the food just isn't that good! There are some decent lunch specials like authentic, huge italian sandwiches that come with soup or salad, but the mains are just okay, nothing special. It's more a place to go with a large party where you can enjoy the atmosphere and just drink a lot.
3.0000 (2) Sarah's Falafel
For some reason all the women working there seem to speak Ukrainian there.
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