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  1. G’day from Down Under!
    Have found you name a couple of times via the Photography for Realestate site.
    Love the vibrant way you do your videos!
    Looking at your site I saw the idea for ‘borrowing’ garage sale signs. Great idea for creating office traffic (and may be even getting extra listings?)!
    We would like to do the same here.. but haven’t got the right idea for the set-up of a good looking and easy to install sign – when possible with the opportunity to write down the address and dates / times on it.
    Would you be so kind as to send us a few snapshots – please?
    Thanks in advance & cheers from sunny Mt Tamborine in Queensland,
    Gerard Ellen

    1. Hi Gerard, Thank you very much for the note from all the way down under!! Our garage sales are actually our sidewalk For Sale signs. The company that make the signs in the city do them specifically for agencies here in Toronto. Its an insert you can pop into the frame and or they make them just as they do a FOR SALE sign but with garage sale on them. They are a popular item especially now in our summer garage sale season! This is the website to the company that makes a large portion of the real estate signs in Toronto, this may help you more!
      link to signsinthemaking.com

      Good Luck in your search
      Stephanie from The Julie Kinnear Team

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