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JKT Spotlight: Anne Kinch

Anne Kinch has always been passionate about teaching and learning. She is a primary school specialist, librarian, social adjustment, physical education and classroom teacher. Anne's training as a Reading Recovery teacher led her to analyze how children performed tasks in mathematics. After her five-year long research project on this, she broadened her reach beyond Toronto to Ghana, Africa where she helps children improve their abilities and confidence in both mathematics and literacy. Read the full interview here!

The Big Debate: To Renovate Your House Or To Build A New One

When you began looking for your new home, you never even thought of buying a house only to tear it down and build a new one. Is this something you can do? Is this something you even want to do? Holly Chandler, a sales representative on the Julie Kinnear Team, has seen many clients buy a property with the intention of building new: "Toronto’s housing stock is pretty old and there are often a lot of surprises behind the walls. This is why most contractors will say that it is easier to just build anew." Read the full guide here!

Vintage Furniture Stores in Toronto: Smash

Smash opened in 2008, under the ownership of Paul Mercer. He has had many years to develop an eye for the old, interesting, and unique, as he sold items to antique stores "off the back of my pickup truck" during university, and later worked in the auction business. Part of Smash's unique character comes from the combination of this practical, unpretentious approach with a strong artistic bent in many of its employees: "We're just kind of a bunch of mental cases. Like we're all popular misfits." See the full photo essay here!

Toronto’s Cycling Trails: Explore The City On A Bike

As the sun comes out and the heat rises, more and more Torontonians are getting on their bikes, wanting to explore the new aspects of their beloved city. Toronto cycling trails have high rises, stretches of forest, winding paths - there's just something for everyone. See the full photo essay here!


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