Liberty Village

The Roastery by Ian Muttoo
The Roastery by Ian Muttoo

Liberty Village is a vibrant, up-and-coming neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. It has been booming since 2004 and has seen the rise of numerous condominium buildings, audacious office buildings, and a plethora of shops, malls, and restaurants.

Thanks to the area's lengthy industrial history, the most prominent type of dwelling in Liberty Village is a loft, which caters to flexible young professionals and artists of all virtues. Many lofts have grown organically within these abandoned factories and provide perceptible independence and freedom to their inhabitants while being but a walking distance from the city's core areas.

The weight is shifting toward more traditional residential apartment buildings that are being constructed predominantly in the eastern parts of the neighbourhood. These are being balanced out by office buildings sprouting in the western parts that are becoming the home of more and more creative and media companies moving in from the entire region.

Liberty Village Reflection by Marc Falardeau
Liberty Village Reflection
by Marc Falardeau

There is so much demand for residential space that many new residential buildings sell out before they're finished. For these reasons, the listed prices of properties are usually at par with the building cost, and the closing prices will most likely be higher than the list price. Talk to a knowledgeable agent or a Realtor® who knows the developer to explore any special pricing options.

Due to active development efforts in the area, we expect that the face of Liberty Village will change dramatically within the next few months. You can wait for it if you're the adventurous type, or you can take your pick now and start the mortgage approval process and saving up for the down payment. It's likely that many of the newly marketed units will be fought for like fresh, warm bread in a bakery, so you want to be ready for everything. If the other buyer in line for a particular unit is pre-approved and you're not, you're at a massive disadvantage.

Claim your listing now if you want to take a shot a moving to Liberty Village at a reasonable price or wait to see it grow and expand in size, comfort, and price (at the same time) from the outside.

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