Organic Waste Management in Toronto

Fallen Leaves by Knehcsg
Fallen Leaves by Knehcsg

Autumn in the garden always comes along with heaps of fallen trees and dead flowers that need to be removed somehow… The question is what the best options for Torontonians are when it comes to dealing with organic waste. As Canada boasts one of the best environmental protection measures in the world, the City of Toronto follows the national trend and offers its residents considerable aid with the processing of their bio waste by supporting two major programs: the Green Bin Program and the Mechanical Leaf Collection Program.

Green Bin Organics Program

The Green Bin Organics Program is focused on providing households with free bins for organic waste, which turn it into compost. Since about 30 per cent of our garbage consists of organic material such as grass, tree leaves, stems, roots, hedge trimmings, or even fruit and vegetable scraps and coffee grinds from the kitchen, and since the city's waste reduction program hopes to divert as much waste from the landfills as possible, it is only logical to turn attention to organic waste.

Garden Composting

Compost by Dsa66503
Compost by D Askey

Composting is a technique that uses the controlled natural decay of plant and animal produce that is basically turned into humus, a valuable material called compost. Using compost in your garden improves the soil structure and its fertility by adding essential plant nutrients and beneficial organic life to the soil. You may dig the compost into the soil before planting vegetables, flower beds, or trees or use it as mulch around the plants and trees to prevent weeds' growth and keep moisture within the soil.

Free compost bins are currently used by over 510,000 single-family households and the city council hopes the number will only go up, as the program is already extended to apartments, condos, and co-op buildings. The bins are carefully tested so that maximum safety and almost no unpleasant smell are ensured. Everyone is welcome to receive the green bin at Leaf Compost Depots or Community Environment Days from April to October. If you have nowhere to use your compost, don't worry: the city will take care of it and use it somewhere else.

Mechanical Leaf Collection

This program may alleviate your worries with unmanageable heaps of dead leaves in your yards if you decide it's an amount that you're unwilling to compost. City employees will notify citizens about the exact dates of the program and collect all the leaves that you store off the travelled edge of the roadway, so that you don't need to bother with them anymore. If your area isn't receiving the service, just place your leaves visibly outside your home on your regular yard waste collection date.

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