Famous Movie Houses for Sale

Would you like to live 'inside' your favourite movie? No, I'm not talking about purchasing a new video game; I'm talking about buying a house from a famous movie. Some of them were recently put on sale.

The fourteen-room mansion made famous in the movie Home Alone was put on the market in May of 2011. The large brick home, which was prepared to defend intruders by Macaulay Culkin in the iconic movie, is located in the suburbs of Chicago and was listed for $2.4 million. The owner, John Abendshien, purchased the Gregorian style home back in 1988 for just $875,000 dollars. The home is 4,250 square feet and stunning, to say the least. Interested parties can view the home by appointment at 671 Lincoln Ave, Winnetka, IL. The traps are not included — sorry.

The next movie house for sale was featured in the legendary Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The $1.65 million home is most famous for the scene in which a Ferrari 250 GT was driven through a glass paned wall. The main house was not actually pictured in the film, but it boasts a luxurious 3,000 square foot interior and was designed and built in 1953. The 1,300 foot pavilion featured in the movie was built 20 years later.

No one can forget The Godfather, and buyers looking to purchase movie homes for sale are in luck. Located in Staten Island, New York, the 6,2350 square foot home is built in the English Tudor style. The $2.25 million home is equipped with a pub and pool room. While the interior never made the cut in the film, the exterior, pool, and driveway appear numerous times. Interested buyers have come from as far as Australia to view the home. The home office has even been decorated in a style reminiscent of Vito Corleone's office, complete with wooden blinds. Don't forget to close the door.

While the movie Up is animated, a Salt Lake City homebuilder has constructed the motion picture movie home in real life, duplicating even the smallest details. Even the chairs on the front porch are exact replicas from the movie. While the homebuilder carefully toiled over every aspect of construction, some sections of the home are not displayed in the movie, such as the kitchen. In these cases, the builder was free to use his imagination to fill in the blanks, keeping with the same style.

Other famous movie homes for sale include the Bad Santa home located in California. The five bedroom, four and a half bathroom mansion was featured in the movie quite heavily. After Billy Bob Thornton drives his odd child admirer home, he finds out the child lives with his senile grandmother. Ultimately, Bad Santa calls the house home for a good portion of the film. It's an original and funny movie, but it may ruin your idea of Christmas — or at least of Santa… The house quickly sold for $950,000 after it hit the market.

The Ennis house was built in 1923 by Frank Lloyd Wright using Mayan architecture style and was subsequently featured in several movies. The home has been featured in films such as Blade Runner (you'll want to watch this one if you haven't), The Karate Kid Part III (you don't want to watch this one), and House on Haunted Hill (you don't want to buy the house and then watch this movie). The Los Angeles home was first put on the market in 2009 for a hefty $15 million. However, lack of interest and the recession have now lowered the price to a more reasonable $7.5 million.

Fans of the famous Tom Hanks movie Sleepless in Seattle would be happy to know the houseboat featured in the film is now on the market. The 1993 romantic comedy featured the floating houseboat located on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington as the primary residence of Hanks. The houseboat features four bedrooms and 1.75 bathrooms for a cool $2.5 million. If the housing market starts to sink, your houseboat will stay afloat.

Many people remember The Field of Dreams, and the iconic quote "If you build it, they will come." If you're looking for movie homes for sale, you'll be pleased to find the Iowa farmhouse is listed. Put on the market last year, the current owners are asking for $5.3 million. Over 65,000 fans visit the farmhouse every year, and if you're wondering, the famous baseball diamond is included with the sale.

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