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3.5000 (2) A Changing Nest
A gorgeous consignment furniture store at 572 Annette St. Super friendly and helpful staff and really good prices.
4.0000 (1) Alternative Arts
A great place to buy really cool posters, cards and anything to do with movies - Elvis & Marilyn are alive here, but so are all the modern people and you can get posters framed or unframed, along with so much other funky stuff related to our media culture.
5.0000 (1) Bloor West Village Animal Hospital
Such kind doctors. They know all the pets names and felt very comfortable leaving my dog overnight for care!
5.0000 (1) Bloor West Dental - Dr. Nishita Ondhia
Our lovely client Dr Nishita Ondhia is so excited to have opened her new clinic in the heart of Bloor West Village! Dr Ondhia really loves being a dentist and it shows. Check out her website for more information!
5.0000 (1) Durie Lane
A store I desperately miss around Christmas. Windergarden came close , but when they move to the Bloor location, they seemed to have left all the good stuff behind. Very, very sparse and what they do have , has no spark!
4.0000 (1) Eden European Spa
A great place to get your nails & feet done - amazing quality at Yonge Street dive prices! You can get a professional manicure & pedicure for only $40 - book well in advance as this service is very popular, and the price hasn't changed in years. They will take their time, never using razor blades on your feet or otherwise being rough, and use quality instruments & polishes. The spa looks wonderful, I have never gotten any other services there but everything looks very clean and professional. Now that summer's here I'll be booking early :)
5.0000 (1) Evymama Nursing and Maternity Boutique
Finally, the store Bloor West Village has long needed. Evymama is a maternity boutique with the most beautiful maternity clothing in Toronto's west end - by far! They also specialize in nursing clothing, nursing bras and baby carriers. It's all gorgeous! The staff is incredible and very knowledgeable. They even have a nursing room with bathroom, change table and a kids play area. Evymama is at 266 Jane St., just north of Bloor.
4.0000 (1) Groom Pet Shop
If you are a fish lover - the kind you keep and feed, not the kind you eat - you will love this homey pet shop right across the street from the No Frills on Bloor. They keep their tanks really clean and have a wide variety of live bearing fish, little frogs, snails, and all the usual kinds of fish like tetras - nothing fancy, just good strong stock. They also have a lot of very well cared for budgies. I find the dog, cat & fish accessories a little pricey, but there is a wide selection and helpful friendly staff. If they don't have something you want, they'll order it for you!
5.0000 (3) Inti Crafts
Amazing silver jewellery!!!!!! Need I say more? It's right next to a futon store at the corner of Howland & Bloor, and there are always exotic clothes & vases & stuff from South America in the windows. If you can get past the guessing game of 'is it a bongo drum or a chair?' and make it into the store, you will find case after case of the most beautifully hand crafted silver earrings, pendants, bracelets and chains, many with semi precious stones and elaborate designs. There are also accessories like handbags, household decor, and furniture. It is an amazing store and has been around forever. There is something for every person and every budget!
3.0000 (1) Jasmine's Fine Jewellery
If you are loking for jewellery in the Bloor West Village there is no finer place to stop in than Jasmine's Fine Jewellery. They have an excellent selection of ladies and men's jewellery, both fine gold and costume. If you need a watch battery or have a repair it is also a fast and excellent way to get this fixed. I highly recommend jasmines fine Jewellery. Also check out the Bay Street location as well. ask for tina when you get to the shop, she will delight in helping you out!
4.0000 (1) Marlborough's Stationary
Discount cards, gift wrap, stationery & school supplies.
4.0000 (1) Max's Market
Great local market with fresh fruit and vegetables and wide selection of delicacies. Not cheap. One star off for price. Fine and prepared foods, fresh meats & food products from around the world.
4.0000 (2) One Tooth Activewear
Founded in 2000, ONE TOOTH is a proud Canadian activewear company with an entire collection of yoga wear designed and manufactured in the Vancouver factory that made Lululemon famous! Well known on the west coast for years, ONE TOOTH has finally arrived in Bloor West Village! You will love our style and selection of ethically made clothing and fitness accessories
3.0000 (2) Pivot Sport Medicine and Orthopaedics
Pivot is comprised of a diverse group of top-notch health-care experts: sports phyicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors. The staff are incredibly caring, generous, and skilled, and their expertise is sought after by professional athletes, dancers, and the everday lay person. It's rare to find such a variety of experts in one place, all of whom work in a collaborative fashion to provide the best outcome for their patients.
3.5000 (2) The Eternal Moment Bookstore
A great selection of spiritual books - anything esoteric is also here, like astrology, natural health & well being etc. In addition to books they also have a nice selection of cards, CDs, crystals, pendants, and all kinds of aids to spirituality of many different faiths. Some of it looks a little cheesy but if you look hard you will find some great bargains and wonderful insights.
3.5000 (2) Trixie
This store has it all! Fun, fashionable women's clothing that you won't find anywhere else. The staff are very helpful and friendly, it's my favourite clothing store in the city!
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