Roncesvalles Restaurants

4.0000 (1) Ali's Roti
There are a million roti shops here along Queen but how many of them are regular features at the CNE food building? Here you can enjoy delicious, hot, huge meals spiced just right, with fast & friendly service. We recently discovered what the mystery unlabelled fountain drinks are: you absolutely have to try the peanut butter shake, it's out of this world!
3.0000 (1) Aris Place Restaurant
Don't come here for the ambiance - come here for the food! Big portions of very good diner-style food at amazing prices. The really friendly staff are liable to come up & compliment you on your perfume or start a conversation with you. They have a few TVs playing sports and news so you have something to watch besides the hard-working line chefs preparing good old fashioned hearty meals.
4.0000 (1) Barque
Food - Amazing!! Service - Trying really hard! It gets busy and the service goes a bit astray but once that plate of smoked goodness is put in front of you, you totally forget it took longer than would have liked. I think when I go again, it will be for lunch or brunch when its not so crazy busy because I will be craving the brisket and smoked asparagus very soon. My friends had the pecan pie for dessert and there was communal sigh on the first bite, so the pie was awesome as well!
4.0000 (1) Cardinal Rule
Cardinal Rule is comfort food at its finest. The dim lighting, the cozy wood tables, and the food, oh the food. The place is perfect for a pub stop, some intimate conversation, or the post-hangover meal - maybe all at once. Cardinal Rule has a simple teal exterior. Walking into the diner, I pass the kitchen and the bar, which has a selection of regional beers on tap, including Steamwhistle, Wellington and Beau's. Cardinal Rule is exactly what I need on a Sunday morning, or for that matter, any other day of the week.
4.0000 (1) Easy
Great brunch place. More than your typical bacon and eggs. Casual atmosphere.
5.0000 (1) Extra Butter
You know when your neighbourhood closes a store down and you find out the new store is ANOTHER COFFEE SHOP, you stop and think, how many coffee shops does one street need. My answer to this, as long as it's Extra Butter than keep them coming! Their donuts are so perfectly sized and delicious (2.00). I treated myself one Sat. morning to the Maple Mustard Bacon Bun (4.00). As I relished in this piece of heaven I thought to myself this can become a very dangerous Saturday morning ritual. And you know what I work hard all week I deserve this bun so ritual it is!!! Please do yourself a favour and stop in for their incredible Americano's with anything they make warm from the oven!
3.0000 (1) Fat Cat Wine Bar
Great small plates, patio out back in summer, delicious, not cheap though!
4.0000 (1) La Cubana
Hopping. Delicious. Different. Very nice servers. 2 oz. Cuba Libra's. Fun and wonderful restaurant! These are a few words I would use for La Cubana. Families of 5 or if your are by yourself, you will have a thoroughly enjoyable time here.
3.0000 (1) Local Kitchen
Well we had to try it. Local is the talk of the town around here - and getting great reviews. Our server was great - she knew her wines and food, and in such a small cramped space she had to do alot of maneuvreing around the tables. We did find it excruciatingly hot there - small space, lots of people, and no air movement. The chairs weren't overly comfy either btw! The food and wine was very good, and fairly different and interesting compared to many. They've named the restaurant and hence their theme "local". That usually means just serving food that is local, here its not just in the restaurant's cuisine, but also in its design & hospitality, including wearing t-shirts that read I Love Parkdale. It fits in very well for the hood.
4.0000 (1) Mitzi's Cafe: All-Day Brunch
Mitzi's on Sorauren for brunch. Whatever it is they put on their homefries makes me crazy for them and the oatmeal pancake should come with a warning "you will need to have one every weekend", I don’t even want to think of the calories!!! Such a great atmosphere, it’s a real neighbourhood hang out! They also have a new(ish) location at 890 College!
4.0000 (1) Nine Restaurant and Tapas
This was so freaking good! The owner Alex is so welcoming and lovely. The staff are happy to see you. Sharing style food. The cod was perfect! Their signature fried chicken was so light and delicious. We shared 6 dishes and left not feeling so full. It was the perfect amount of food. Kimchi fries. Kimchi. So delish!! I look forward to going back, there is so much more to try! The decor as well is awesome. You gotta check out the sinks in the bathroom!
5.0000 (2) Pizza Defina
Southern Style Pizza! Julie and Mary can not get enough of this place and neither can I! Fresh ingredients, the right amount of atmosphere and the staff are really nice. Higly recommended!! Stephanie
5.0000 (1) Sue's Thai Food | Vicki's Fish and Chips
This neighbourhood favourite offers either Thai or Fish & Chips, with an enormous selection of delicious vegetarian entrees. Friendly service and reasonable prices.
4.0000 (1) Sunrise Grille and Crepe
DELICIOUS!! Their crepe specials are daily and delicious!!! Staff are really friendly. The milk and creme holders are a mystery to me but the coffee is good!!
4.0000 (1) Sushi 67
Sushi 67 Roncesvalles is one of my favourite places for quick take-out! Really friendly and efficient service with an authentically Japanese atmosphere. The sashimi, sushi and salads are little bundles of perfection.
4.5000 (2) Thai Chef Cuisine
Great Thai food in this area.
4.0000 (1) The Rude Boy
Burger - delish!! Fries - killer!! Onion rings - to die for!! Signature cocktails - different and delicious! Highly recommend but don\'t be in too much of a rush as it gets busy and they need time to make their delicious food :)
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