Toronto Beaches Restaurants

4.4000 (5) Grumbles Deli-Cafe
3 stars for the delicious eccles cakes. They also have oversize morning-glory type muffins that seem like they would feed a family of four but I manage to eat one by myself. I have not taken advantage of the deli offerings but it certainly appears to offer interesting german/european goods.
4.0000 (1) The Burger's Priest
To keep customers occupied while waiting for the food, the owners have decorated the restaurant's walls with photos of famed burger joints from around the world as a sort of homage to the art of a good burger. The overall vibe here is spartan, unpretentious and convivial. It's clearly all about the burgers and how to best enjoy them. An efficient and friendly two-man operation, the Burger's Priest keeps things simple by offering a pared down menu. The beef they use is fresh ground in small batches throughout the day and it's supposedly never frozen. As has become the trend recently, they also ask you how you want your burger done - and if you don't mind if it's a little pink on the inside.
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