Team Events

  • Luxe Appliance Studio Lunch

    Luxe Appliance Studio Lunch

    We were invited to the Luxe Appliance Studio for a lunch. Little did we know that we were actually going to be making the lunch ourselves!
  • Amy Flowers’ Amazing Race Milton

    Amy Flowers’ Amazing Race Milton

    Team building at its best - from finding the American Bisons to the wildlife walk at Mountsberg!
  • JKT-ourists Day

    JKT-ourists Day

    The JKT took a day to discover our very own city. We learnt things we did not know and just had an all around fun day in the city!
  • Oktober Fest

    Oktober Fest

    Oldie but goodie - bringing a different culture to The Julie Kinnear Team while enjoying the delicious beverage! Btw, Julie still has that tweeded vest!

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