Movies Shot in Toronto

Toronto is the most popular movie makers' destination in Canada and one of the most popular destinations in the world. Hundreds of movies have been shot here, making our town immortal. Sometimes Toronto plays - Toronto, but more usually GTA turns into some American or world city.

It's always fun to reckognize your neighbourhood as a part of Chicago or let's say Philladelphia. I would like to introduce here a list of interesting movies of various genres. Some of them are well-known, some of them almost forgotten. Look at the reviews and decide which of them deserve your attention...

A Few Drops of Blood. Four movie reviews - Toronto neighbourhoods have been marked with violence.

Put a Smile on Your Face. Three light, but still intelligent comedies. Two weddings, one election. Which one makes you laugh more?

Toronto in the Movies. Toronto plays Toronto. Find out which major motion pictures have been set in Toronto! Lear more about Toronto neighbourhoods immortalized on the silver screen.

5 Worst Movies Shot in Toronto. Some excellent movies have been shot here. Some average movies have been shot here. And, some terrible movies have been shot here. I will introduce you to my personal top-five list of trash movies shot in Toronto.

Top Toronto TV Shows Review. Canadian television has developed a strong reputation in the Hollywood scene, creating successful TV shows that have attracted viewers worldwide.

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