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November Krazy Kontest Winner 0

Don Phillips. A big congrats!


Toronto Real Estate November 2015 Newsletter 0

The Fall market as you can read in the TREB Market Watch section report of this newsletter has been strong and hit another peak in sale prices and number of transactions.


Family Sells & Buys in Roncesvalles High Park with The JKT 0

Julie helped this family to sell their house and Holly helped them to buy a new one! Check out our newest happy client video testimonial.


Loft in Roncesvalles sells for $21,000 over asking 0

Along the north side of Sorauren Park, Sorauren Lofts has roughly half a dozen loft ownership opportunities annually. Among the first few sold so far this year is this two-bedroom suite .


The JKT Pumpkin Patch 2015 0

Thank you to everyone that came out in the rain to donate to the Daily Bread foodbank, get a great pumpkin and to see what the JKT was dressed as this year! We were The Holidays!!! Check out the video from the scene.


Megan & Scott are Moving up Homes With The JKT 0

Megan talks about buying her first house a few years ago with the Julie Kinnear Team. Now she’s in the midst of selling her second home with us!


Julie Talks on OREA’s Blog: Surviving a busy real estate season 0

Julie was mentioned in OREA’s article “Surviving the busy spring season” in which she talks about her daily routine and things that help her to keep up the pace with the stress of the job.


A Guide to Mortgages for Toronto’s First-Time Homebuyers 0

Buying a home for the first time has gotten more difficult in Canada. We spoke with Carrie Davidson, AMP, Dominion Lending Centres about what’s changed.


Janet & Tom Safely Settled With Blended Family 0

Janet talks about joining families together with her husband Tom and buying a new house with the Julie Kinnear Team.

Mystery Listing Coming Soon! 0

Stunning, 1 bedroom + large den with the most amazing unobstructed views the city has to offer! Stay tuned coming Tuesday.

Real Estate Lessons in Movies


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Lethal Weapon 3 0

The third installment in Richard Donner’s 1992 buddy cop dramedy gets right back to the signature antics and quick back-and-forth dialogue the Lethal Weapon franchise is known for, with some real estate lessons as a bonus.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Life as a House (2001) 1

Everything about director Irwin Winkler’s film, Life as a House, can be described as stunning. Gorgeous shots of the house, brilliant performances, beautiful story and writing style. Every aspect of the film is completely captivating.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Descendants (2011) 9

If you were to describe a film about a husband and father dealing with his wife’s impending death, chances are you wouldn’t expect to use the words warm, funny and easy viewing.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Up (2009) 0

You can pretty much always count on Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios to create films that are great for kids and adults alike, and they certainly did it again with Up.


Real Estate in Movies: Rosemary’s Baby (1968) 13

Rosemary’s Baby is a surreal and provocative movie with real estate playing supporting role in the movie in form of The Dakota building.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: House of Sand and Fog (2003) 0

A home is so much more than just the place you live. It can be a symbol of hope for what’s to come. Or it can be the holder of all the experiences and memories you’ve had with loved ones.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Bugsy (1991) 4

Bugsy is a decently acted, thought-out, well-put together movie, however it fails to be all that engaging or enjoyable. Also, real-estate does have a role to play in Bugsy.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Notebook (2004) 9

The Notebook teaches us about all kinds of things – passion, young love, sacrifice, the list goes on. But it also has some lessons to share on an unexpected subject… real estate.


Movies with Realtors: Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction (1983) 7

First off, let me say that the beginning that saying that “Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction” is about real estate is like saying “Trainspotting” is a story about Scottish youths taking a trip to London.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: What Planet Are You From? (2000) 5

With the recent passing of Mike Nichols, it seems cruel to pay tribute to a man that brought us “The Graduate” (1967) and “Catch 22” (1970) with a review of a film that was widely panned by critics at release, and a financial disaster to boot.