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February Krazy Kontest 0

This months Krazy Kontest winner will get a night out for 2 to Cineplex Odeon which includes 2 admissions, 2 soft drinks and 1 popcorn. Good luck & Happy Valentines Day.


Toronto Real Estate January 2016 Newsletter 0

Happy New Year! What a magical time of year, to relax, regroup, refocus, and take some time to reflect on our past year, and look forward to the next.


January 2016: Sales Kick-started The Year 0

First month of 2016 has kick-started the year with it’s 8.2 per cent increase of sales, which is only logical since the development of real estate market last year had such strong increasing tendency.


Shelley & Aiden’s happy story! 0

“Inside of the house there is a lot of cool stuff and the house is kind of curved on the floor! It’s near all my friends, it’s just like if you take a car 5 minutes there, or a bike.” – says Aiden.


Downtown Toronto condo in boutique low-rise sells quickly 0

The Bentley condominiums total 84 units, but just one was on the market this fall, this one-bedroom-plus-den suite. Only nine visitors completed tours before the sellers were presented with two competing offers.


Tamara and Pawel – Excited First Time Home Buyers! 0

Tamara and Pawel talk about how they met Holly and about their excitement from buying their first home with the Julie Kinnear Team.


Toronto Botanical Garden Farmers’ Market 0

The Farmers’ Market is held all year round, every Thursday from 2 to 7 p.m. and currently it’s moved indoors, since it’s the winter season. Check the gallery below and see for yourself what the Toronto Botanical Garden Farmers’ Market looks like!

Mystery Listing Coming Soon! 0

Detached, 2 storey home on the best street in Leaside! Stay tuned coming soon.

First-time Buyer Adam Reffered the JKT to His Friends and Family

First-time Buyer Adam Referred the JKT to His Friends and Family 0

Our loyal client Adam was so pleased with his experience working with Holly Chandler and the JKT that he has referred many of his friends and family. He is now a top member of our Inukshuk Club!


Toronto Listed Among Top Tourist Destinations of 2016 0

The New York Times has published the annual list of the 52 places to go in the upcoming year and Toronto is in the top ten! The Junction neighbourhood is one of the main reasons of being listed so high.

Real Estate Lessons in Movies


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The War of the Roses (1989) 0

Watching this film for the second time, 25 years later, I am more convinced than before that labelling it a comedy was a colossal mistake; I laughed once. It is not funny.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) 3

Surprisingly, quite a few useful real-estate tips flow fairly naturally from The Force Awakens. Yes, you read that correctly. What is galactic conquest if not a large-scale land ownership dispute?


Movies Shot in Toronto: Total Recall (2012) 0

The remake of Total Recall might be called a total waste of time by some, but it was shot on in University of Toronto, so we took a closer look. Here’s how it looks like on screen and in reality!


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) 0

The third installment in Richard Donner’s 1992 buddy cop dramedy gets right back to the signature antics and quick back-and-forth dialogue the Lethal Weapon franchise is known for, with some real estate lessons as a bonus.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Life as a House (2001) 1

Everything about director Irwin Winkler’s film, Life as a House, can be described as stunning. Gorgeous shots of the house, brilliant performances, beautiful story and writing style. Every aspect of the film is completely captivating.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Descendants (2011) 9

If you were to describe a film about a husband and father dealing with his wife’s impending death, chances are you wouldn’t expect to use the words warm, funny and easy viewing.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Up (2009) 0

You can pretty much always count on Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios to create films that are great for kids and adults alike, and they certainly did it again with Up.


Real Estate in Movies: Rosemary’s Baby (1968) 13

Rosemary’s Baby is a surreal and provocative movie with real estate playing supporting role in the movie in form of The Dakota building.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: House of Sand and Fog (2003) 0

A home is so much more than just the place you live. It can be a symbol of hope for what’s to come. Or it can be the holder of all the experiences and memories you’ve had with loved ones.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Bugsy (1991) 4

Bugsy is a decently acted, thought-out, well-put together movie, however it fails to be all that engaging or enjoyable. Also, real-estate does have a role to play in Bugsy.