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July Krazy Kontest 0

Happy Birthday Canada!! We hope you have a wonderful day off celebrating the birth of our country! No birthday party is complete without food so this month's kontest is for the Ultimate Dining Card! You can use it at Milestone's, Biermarket, Casey's, Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, Fionn McCools, Kelsey's and a few more, how awesome is that! Just answer the following skill testing question for your chance to win! One correct answer to the following skill-testing question will be drawn: When did O'Canada become the official national anthem?

Mystery Listing Coming Soon! 0

Mystery Listing Coming Soon!


Buying or Renting for Your Child Attending University in Toronto 0

Buying a home can offer a sense of stability for a child who is leaving the nest for the first time and help avoid the stresses that comes with trying to rent a new apartment each school year.


Detached house in Davisville Village sells for $161,100 over asking price 0

In April, the real estate scene in Davisville Village was quite varied with some sellers accepting bully offers and others waiting for any bids at all. This classic detached house received about 80 visitors between two open houses and fetched three competing offers.

Best Bars in Roncesvalles 3

The Roncesvalles community is known for its high spirits that is visible in the number of pubs, which of late are attracting tourists and Torontonians alike. All are here for a good time, and the neighbourhood bars make it happen.


May 2015: Prices Keep Increasing 0

The continuing trend of increasing prices will probably last for the whole year and 2015 could be really breaking the records.


Take a Ride on Us with UP! 0

On June 6, Metrolinx celebrated the launch of Union Pearson Express – the dedicated air-rail link that speeds travellers from Union Station downtown to Pearson, stopping at Bloor and Weston stations on the way.


Landlord Equity Enhancement! 0

Whether you’ve owned rental property for decades or are a relative newbie to life as a landlord, the thought of having to sell is likely never too far from your mind. Even if it isn’t, it’s certainly something you’ll want to be aware of as opportunities to sell earlier than anticipated do sometimes present themselves.


End the Endless Commuting – Move Closer 0

If you’re one of the many thousands of commuters currently trudging from destinations outside the city of Toronto to a place of work downtown, then this article’s for you.


Expanding Your Family: Moving Up for More Space 0

Sometimes, however, the question is whether to buy first, or sell first? That’s where the Julie Kinnear Team can help you make those crucial strategic decisions.