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July Krazy Kontest Winner 0

Sam Butcher knows her stuff! It was in 1980 that O'Canada became the official national anthem. Enjoy your Ultimate Dining Card!


Toronto Real Estate July 2015 Newsletter 0

Hope you are enjoying yourselves immensely. Since our actual summers are so short – please be sure to take in as much as you can. And hopefully you can go out and make pretty special memories.


Buying Real Estate as an Investment 1

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or an established property owner looking for a good place to plunk your hard earned savings, Toronto real estate remains one of the best – if not the best – investment opportunities.


Parking Permit Info (City of Toronto) 0

Before you buy a property you may wish to ensure that any existing front yard parking facility is properly licensed. Note that the license does not follow the property, but that a new property owner will need to apply to have the license agreement transferred.


June 2015: Another Record Broken! 0

Looks like the real estate market continues to rise to heights never seen before! The new record for June in the number of overall sales was set!


Roncesvalles’ Parks 1

Photo essay of the most beautiful parks in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood.


Buying or Renting for Your Child Attending University in Toronto 0

Buying a home can offer a sense of stability for a child who is leaving the nest for the first time and help avoid the stresses that comes with trying to rent a new apartment each school year.


Detached house in Davisville Village sells for $161,100 over asking price 0

In April, the real estate scene in Davisville Village was quite varied with some sellers accepting bully offers and others waiting for any bids at all.

Best Bars in Roncesvalles 3

The Roncesvalles community is known for its high spirits that is visible in the number of pubs, which of late are attracting tourists and Torontonians alike. All are here for a good time, and the neighbourhood bars make it happen.


May 2015: Prices Keep Increasing 0

The continuing trend of increasing prices will probably last for the whole year and 2015 could be really breaking the records.