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May Krazy Kontest 0

Nice weather is on the horizon so this month's Krazy Kontest winner will get a $25.00 gift card to Starbuck's to enjoy their new festive spring drinks.


Josh & Jenna Happy With Church Conversion Condo 0

After seeing a few properties they were interested in, Josh and Jenna found their first home with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team…though it’s not quite built yet! It’s a 2 storey townhome style condo in a church conversion. Very stylish!

Mystery Listing Coming Soon! 0

Grand High Park Family home sings to perfection! Detached 3 storey massive 5 bedroom home with 4 baths, amazing 3rd floor master suite and finished lower level. Stay tuned coming this week!


All Good Dog Food: Healthy Canine Cuisine 0

A few years ago, a particularly fussy puppy inspired Cooper to try his hand at canine cuisine, and the end result is All Good Dog Food – a company devoted solely to satisfying four-legged foodies.

Mystery Listing Coming Soon! 0

Large family home in John Ross Robertson School Catchment! Detached 4 bedroom home set on a wide 40 foot lot!

Mystery Listing Coming Soon 0

Think you can’t afford to buy a large, detached home in a great neighbourhood in today’s market? Yes you can!


Here’s how a $302,000 over-asking bid stopped the competition in its tracks 0

When a “Coming Soon” sign popped up on the lawn of this renovated three-storey house, house hunters moved fast. One of the first ten visitors through the door made a $302,000-over-asking bid to secure the property.


Linda Thrilled After Downsizing Homes 0

Linda shares her story as she moved from a big old home in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood, and found the perfect property to save for retirement in the Junction Triangle with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team.


The Globe’s Guide to Surviving a Bidding War 0

The Globe and Mail published an interesting article about the now so common phenomenon – bidding wars. The article talks about the ups and downs and gives some general advice on how to survive them. Worth reading.


Louise Loved How the JKT Stayed in Touch! 0

Louise moved to Toronto over 9 years ago and now she decided to move back to BC and knew she had to call the team. She was happy that Julie maintained a relationship over the years and never forgot to check in.

Real Estate Lessons in Movies


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Amityville Horror (1979) 1

There may be no movie more suitable for Real Estate Lessons than Amityville Horror, a classic horror starring a grizzly James Brolin and Margot Kidder, directed by Stuart Rosenberg.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Neighbors (2014) 0

The most important and realistic lesson to take from this film is to ultimately treat others how you would like to be treated, which includes being polite and respectful to your neighbours.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Big Short (2015) 5

Adam McKay manages to take a difficult concept in The Big Short and boil it down into language that is easy to understand and follow.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Burbs (1989) 4

Despite multiple lapses in real-estate related judgment, The ‘Burbs certainly withstands the test of time with its various characters, most of which the audience can relate to in some degree.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The War of the Roses (1989) 3

Watching this film for the second time, 25 years later, I am more convinced than before that labelling it a comedy was a colossal mistake; I laughed once. It is not funny.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) 3

Surprisingly, quite a few useful real-estate tips flow fairly naturally from The Force Awakens. Yes, you read that correctly. What is galactic conquest if not a large-scale land ownership dispute?


Movies Shot in Toronto: Total Recall (2012) 0

The remake of Total Recall might be called a total waste of time by some, but it was shot on in University of Toronto, so we took a closer look. Here’s how it looks like on screen and in reality!


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) 0

The third installment in Richard Donner’s 1992 buddy cop dramedy gets right back to the signature antics and quick back-and-forth dialogue the Lethal Weapon franchise is known for, with some real estate lessons as a bonus.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Life as a House (2001) 1

Everything about director Irwin Winkler’s film, Life as a House, can be described as stunning. Gorgeous shots of the house, brilliant performances, beautiful story and writing style. Every aspect of the film is completely captivating.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Descendants (2011) 9

If you were to describe a film about a husband and father dealing with his wife’s impending death, chances are you wouldn’t expect to use the words warm, funny and easy viewing.