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August Krazy Kontest Winner 0

Kongrats to Sean Flinn! Canada won 217 medals in the Pan Am Games. Enjoy your 2 tickets to the CNE!!!

TIFF! Sept. 10 – 20, 2015 0

TIFF – Sept 10 -20, 2015


Home Staging – A New Economic Driver in Real Estate Market 0

Just like celebrities’ dazzling made up looks, with staging homes too can be made to look stunning. It is like a cosmetic makeover where eye catching and aesthetically pleasing designs replace unwanted furniture or colour.


July 2015: More Sales and Higher Prices 0

Just like the outside temperatures were high last month, so was the Toronto real estate market.


Best Ice Cream Spots in Roncesvalles 2

Gelato. Sherbet. Sorbet. Ice cream. Whichever one you pick, it’s cold and delightful and very nearly necessary on some of those really sweltering summer days. Here are the best Ice Cream Spots in Roncesvalles. Enjoy trying them all!

Volunteering at the Daily Bread Foodbank – July 2015 0

Volunteering at the Daily Bread Foodbank! Food sorting and some sweeping and mopping! The Daily Bread Foodbank staff are so lovely. Always happy to see us and always thankful for the time we take to help out!


Buying Real Estate as an Investment 1

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or an established property owner looking for a good place to plunk your hard earned savings, Toronto real estate remains one of the best – if not the best – investment opportunities.


Parking Permit Info (City of Toronto) 0

Before you buy a property you may wish to ensure that any existing front yard parking facility is properly licensed. Note that the license does not follow the property, but that a new property owner will need to apply to have the license agreement transferred.


June 2015: Another Record Broken! 0

Looks like the real estate market continues to rise to heights never seen before! The new record for June in the number of overall sales was set!


Roncesvalles’ Parks 1

Photo essay of the most beautiful parks in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood.

Real Estate Lessons in Movies


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Up (2009) 0

You can pretty much always count on Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios to create films that are great for kids and adults alike, and they certainly did it again with Up.


Real Estate in Movies: Rosemary’s Baby (1968) 13

Rosemary’s Baby is a surreal and provocative movie with real estate playing supporting role in the movie in form of The Dakota building.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: House of Sand and Fog (2003) 0

A home is so much more than just the place you live. It can be a symbol of hope for what’s to come. Or it can be the holder of all the experiences and memories you’ve had with loved ones.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Bugsy (1991) 4

Bugsy is a decently acted, thought-out, well-put together movie, however it fails to be all that engaging or enjoyable. Also, real-estate does have a role to play in Bugsy.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Notebook (2004) 8

The Notebook teaches us about all kinds of things – passion, young love, sacrifice, the list goes on. But it also has some lessons to share on an unexpected subject… real estate.


Movies with Realtors: Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction (1983) 7

First off, let me say that the beginning that saying that “Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction” is about real estate is like saying “Trainspotting” is a story about Scottish youths taking a trip to London.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: What Planet Are You From? (2000) 5

With the recent passing of Mike Nichols, it seems cruel to pay tribute to a man that brought us “The Graduate” (1967) and “Catch 22” (1970) with a review of a film that was widely panned by critics at release, and a financial disaster to boot.


Movies with Realtors: Are We Done Yet? (2007) 0

If you’ve ever seen one of Ice Cube’s films before, you know what to expect when sitting down to watch ARE WE DONE YET? Delinquent behaviour, silliness galore, a touch of potty humour and lots of rap music.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: The Haunted Mansion (2003) 0

Eddie Murphy does not care in the slightest what people think of his acting career and that’s good, because this film is unspeakably bad and is only viable as a tool for wantonly consuming ninety minutes from your life that you shall never get back.


Real Estate Lessons in Movies: Empire of the Ants (1977) 0

This is not a good movie. It aspires to mediocrity and fails. The acting is generally bad, the dialogue is forgettable at best, the characters aren’t very interesting, and the special effects are so bad they’re the highlight of the film.