Toronto Real Estate Newsletter May 2019 0

Happy Freezing Cold May 2019! At least the cherry blossoms are out in High Park, the trees are flowering and we get the odd day of sun :)

Expanding Your Family & Planning to Buy a Bigger House? 0

Check out Steve and Lindsey’s testimonial to see how they went through the process with our team!

Sakura in Bloom: High Park Covered in Cherry Blossoms 0

Sakura trees reach peak bloom in spring – in this time, Toronto’s High Park attracts thousands of people to admire their beauty.

Investing in Pre-construction Condo – Day in the Life of a JKT Consultant 0

Learn why investing in pre-construction condos is not as lucrative real estate strategy as it used to be and what you can do to avoid the risks.

5 House Selling Tips From A Professional Home Inspector 0

A pre-sale home inspection can help a seller and their real estate agent make important decisions on improvements, accurate pricing, and more!

May 2019 Krazy Kontest Winner 0

Congratulations to the winner of our May 2019 Krazy Kontest. Who won the $25.00 Kernels Popcorn eGift Card? Watch Jen’s video to find out :)

Pros and Cons of Downsizing To A Condo in Toronto 0

Deciding if downsizing from a house to a condo is right for you? Here are 7 things you should consider before making a move.

Keller Williams Red Day 2019 0

The KWNR crew of volunteers had a fantastic RED DAY – pitching in to beautify our Junction community this year!

From Beginning to the Closing – Real Life Scenarios with JKT Clients 0

With a great team of professionals who we recommend, we are there to help and guide you all the way through, from beginning to the end.

April 2019 Toronto Market Report 0

April’s growth in new listings is still not keeping pace with sales, which points to the ongoing housing supply issue in the GTA.