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Real estate articles of the week as selected by Nicole Salter for Julie Kinnear Team clients.

Top October Events in Toronto

Halloween is coming, which means there's a lot of scary events such as the Zombie Walk or Toronto After Dark Film Festival. October in Toronto also offers lots of sweet and comforting events like the Toronto Chocolate Festival. Traditionally, there's an abundance of art events and festivals, so you should keep your eyes open if you don’t want to miss them. Here are our picks for the top October events in Toronto.

Best Events at Toronto’s Public Galleries

Perhaps it’s true that the first place to look for your glasses when you lose them is your nose. I was sitting in my house, wondering what galleries I should present to you next, and then it hit me. I have covered quite a lot of exhibition art spaces that I love in Toronto except for the most obvious, so I decided to change the orientation of my “Galleries of Toronto” series just a touch.

Home Inspection

Do-it-yourselfers, rejoice! May is upon us, which means that it’s the best time to perform home inspection. If you can afford to hire a professional, there’s no easier way to get the job done and get it done right. However, if you want to save some money for the coming spring season, you can conduct your own inspection. All you have to do is read the following advice and assemble a pen, paper, and a flashlight and your home inspection can begin.

Renovation Ideas: Redesign Your Kitchen Like a Pro!

Do you sometimes feel a bit lost in your own kitchen? Do all the tools that you need hide from you whenever you need them? Do you find it too dull but still have to spend loads of time there while preparing your food? Maybe it’s high time for you to think about making little adjustments! After all, in most houses, the kitchen is the central area of the house, where every member of the family meets, and it would be a pity not to use its full potential.